Facility Planning Service Owners Rep

As the Owner’s Representative, Facility Planning oversees the design and construction processes for our clients. We are responsible for ensuring the achievement of your project objectives and goals.

Facility Planning Services Design Development
  • Programming and Space Planning

  • Schematic Design

  • Prepare Specifications for Bidding

Facility Planning Services Contractor Selection
  • Bidder Pre-Qualification

  • Publish Proposal Request

  • Conduct Bid Kickoff Meeting

  • Manage Communication with Bidders

  • Multi-Dimensional Bid Analysis

  • Conduct Bid Presentation Meetings

  • Assist Owner with Contractor Selection

Facility Planning Services Construction Oversight
  • Review Financial Construction Documents

  • Coordinate Engineering Testing Firm

  • Review all Submittals

  • Conduct Regular, On-Site Visits

  • Manage Pay Requests

  • Monitor the Construction Schedule

  • Review Change Orders

  • Coordinate Project Close-Out

Services Design Development
Design Development Programming and Space Planning

Facility Planning will conduct interviews to establish your wants and needs for the new space. With more than 30 years of experience in the beer business, we know the right questions to ask. By assigning adjacencies and rough sizing to each space, your project begins to take shape.

Design Development Schematic Design

We will develop a schematic design using the latest in design software and technology. As we translate your “wish list” into a complete floor plan, we keep an eye on constructability and cost to ensure the greatest value for money.

Design Development Specs for Bidding

We will provide bidders with a complete bid package including the schematic design, performance based requirements for all areas of work (site, concrete, HVAC, etc.), and a finish schedule. This level of detail allows bidders to provide accurate, comparable pricing for your project.


Services Contractor Selection

Our seven-step contractor selection method includes:

Step 1 Bidder Pre-Qualification

Our process uses industry-standard tools and techniques to evaluate bidders based on experience, financial capability, litigation history and safety record.

Step 3 Conduct Bid Kickoff Meeting

During this on-site meeting, we will discuss the project objectives and rules of conduct with all perspective bidders.

Step 5 Multi-Demensional Bid Analysis

Our best value approach to evaluating potential bidders goes beyond reviewing the total value of the bid. We will conduct a multi-dimensional analysis of each bid to determine areas that require further clarification or correction.

Step 7 Assit Owner with Contractor Selection
Step 2 Publish Proposal Request

We will issue documents, drawings and schedules to each potential bidder.

Step 4 Manage Communication with Bidders

Generally, bidders are given a four-week period to develop their proposals. We handle all communication and Requests for Information, while you focus on running your business.

Step 6 Conduct Bid Presentation Meetings

We will conduct an on-site meeting with each potential bidder to give them an opportunity to present and defend their proposal. The meetings typically last three hours and they are crucial to understanding the true intent of a proposal.

Services Construction Oversight
Facility Planning Services Construction Oversight

Review in-process and final construction documents

Coordinate with the Engineering Testing Firm to validate technical components of work

Review submittals to ensure proposed materials meet the design intent

Conduct regular on-site visits, as needed to monitor the project


Manage pay requests monthly for completeness and accuracy

Monitor the construction schedule to ensure all milestones are met

Review change orders and provide recommendations regarding acceptance

Coordinate project close-out, including a detailed punch list walk-through